Northwestern State University Physical Plant has established the Work Control Center, which is responsible for entering and monitoring work request using a computerized work order system.  The Physical Plant receives an allocated budget for basic operational services that can be rendered.  These services directly relate to the overall operation and maintenance of the University.  Residence Halls, dining services, bookstores, and any other leased property on campus are considered auxiliary, therefore maintenance budgets for these areas are not controlled through the Physical Plant.  Maintenance request for these auxiliary services should be submitted to their respective management team.

NSU Physical Plant Work Control Center (WCC) is open Monday – Thursday 7:30 am-4: 30 pm and Friday 8:00 am-12: 00 pm.  However, services are available 24hrs a day through the Power Plant, if necessary.   WCC staff is here to ensure that all University visitors, faculty, staff, and students are comfortable in their environment. WCC staff issue appropriate work orders and coordinate maintenance personnel to meet the University's maintenance needs. An average of 500-maintenance request are processed monthly. 

Under no circumstances should any work be undertaken by personnel other than employees of the Physical Plant or contractors supervised by the Physical Plant, unless otherwise documented.



How to File a Work Order




Work Control Center Request Types 


 Daytime Emergencies:

The following request are considered emergencies and may be called in at 4519: HEAT AND A/C OUTAGES, POWER FAILURES, STOPPED UP TOILETS, LEAKING SHOWERS/SINKS, CRITICAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUES.

 After Hour Emergencies:

For after hour emergencies please contact the Central Plant at 5886. The Central Plant maintains contact information for all personnel callout.

The University Police should be contacted if the situation becomes dangerous to students and staff at 5431. Also to be contacted if the emergency is other than problems with facilities or grounds.




All request for maintenance may be submitted on the Physical Plant "Work Order Request" Form and routed for approval or through the Physical Plant Web Site. To check on the status of your work order call Work Control at 4519.




Request for campus projects to modify campus buildings must be submitted on the "Work Order Request" Form and routed for approval. Most project requests require the approval of the Facility Management Council. (FMC). Changes in space utilization will be evaluated and approved by the FMC.




Services needed to replace, repair, or rekey locks should be processed through the key request form found on the "Guides & Forms" page.  Locksmith Services is located under Maintenance of Buildings and can be reached at ext. 5300 or ext. 5151. Link to request key form.




All request which require digging on any of the three NSU's campuses requires the completion of a utility "Locate" prior to proceeding. Should there be any questions related this issue, please contact Work Control at 4519. This process is required to avoid damage to underground campus infrastructure.




Any department requesting to alter space in which they utilize must submit a request on the "Work Order Request" form to the Physical Plant. The request should include a budget number unless otherwise approved by the Physical Plant Director. The Physical Plant will estimate the project cost and determine the effect on the existing systems in place, fire code compliance, etc. before approving a new campus project.




The change of space must be approved by the Physical Plant prior to making changes to any facility. Prior to the change, the Physical Plant must address issues that affect the change in space and report all changes to the state on a bi-annual basis. Checking air flow and Fire code issues are just a few that have to be addressed before making such changes.