Our staff are responsible for keeping all operating systems in good condition, making the campus a comfortable, yet a safe and an attractive environment to learn, live, work and play.  To better serve the university community, the following table has been provided indicating the different groups that maintain your university


 Staff locations and on-campus extention

Dale Wolehtz

Physical Plant Director

Facility Services Rm 131

Ext 4519


Gil Gilson

Capital Outlay

Facility Services Rm 123

Ext 5582


Nancy Rachal

Work Control

Facility Services Rm 133

Ext 4519


Betty Creamer

Accounting Technician

Facility Services Rm 127

Ext 6151


Thad Warren

Operations Coordinator

Facility Services Rm 125

Ext 4402


Meade Goings

Grounds Director

Facility Services- Grounds

Ext 6197



Automotive Foreman

Facility Services- Auto Shop

Ext 5444


Jon Lentz

Utilities Superintendent

Facility Services Rm 121



Henry Beasly

Facilities Management

Carpenter Shop

Ext 5151


Juddy Hamous

Locksmith Services

Carpenter Shop

Ext 5300


Tammie Pezant


Physical Plant Rm 122

Ext 4424


Hovey Harell

Plant Services

Facility Services Rm 103

Ext 5150


John Adams

Warehouse Manager


Ext 6839


John Carter

Property Control

Facility Services Rm 107

Ext 6800


Perry Johnson

Central Receiving

Facility Services Rm 101

Ext 5135



Custodial Services


Ext 6805