Air Conditioning/Heating: Installs and provide services to maintain steam heat and chill water to ensure a comfortable campus environment. Many Preventative Maintenance work orders are scheduled to ensure regular service of equipment. Other task include the maintenance of frigeration and freezers.

Carpentry Shop: Consist of skilled carpentry professionals that hold responsibility for remodeling, repair, and renovation plans for NSU. Many of these task included renovating rooms, moving walls, and altering building space. Carpenters also install ceiling, frames, door closure, and floor tile. Other task consist of concrete work, glasswork,

Painting Shop: Offers a variety of services, including interior and exterior painting projects. Sheetrock and plaster work are also task performed by these personnel.

Electricians: Install, service, and maintain electrical needs. At times take on small internal projects to improve and upgrade the university campus.

Plumbers/Welding: Provide services and respond to plumbing needs, and support the power plant as well as ensuring consistent supply of campus domestic water.

Central Power Plant: The campus Central Plant exist to provide steam heat, monitor chillers, energy management systems and to act as the emergency response office of after hour maintenance needs. Steam boilers provide building heat and hot water to all facilities by way of the campus Central Plant. The steam boilers are generally turned on in the months of November or December each year and off in the month of February or March. Regular inspections and annual certifications are conducted to ensure reliable campus heat. Campus chillers provide conditioned air to all buildings by way of Five (5) chiller loops. Each chiller services a group of buildings and are monitored through the energy management system. These systems generally run from February to November to meet building needs. Energy Management services are monitored by Central Plant staff 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to identify problems with chillers and building air systems. Future plans are in place to add the monitoring of Electrical Meters, Elevators, and Fire Alarm systems where needed. The Central Plant staff responds to after hour calls to meet campus staff maintenance or emergency request. They are in contact with Physical Plant personnel for callout.

Preventative Maintenance: In an effort to extend the life of university equipment and buildings, maintenance personnel are assigned the responsibility to complete Preventative Maintenance (PM) task. The Work Control Center coordinates these activities and generates P.M. work orders that assist in completing regularly scheduled maintenance.

The Physical Plant staff has created (PM) work orders that ensure regularly scheduled maintenance is conducted on a regular basis. These task include: 1. A quarterly check/replacement of air filters in all buildings. 2. Roof inspections are conducted bi-annually to inspect roof drains, surface conditions, water ponding, and other potential problems which could damage buildings and create water leaks. 3. (PM) Work Orders are also generated to inspect and perform routine test to monitor chiller conditions to ensure maximum efficiency and life. 4. Monthly inspection are conducted monthly to inspect Fire Alarm systems, Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors, Exit Sigs, and Emergency Signs for safety inspections. NOTE: The (PM) program consist of over 100 routine building and equipment inspections to reach peak performance and maximum life.

Grounds:  Services provided by the Grounds Department include cutting grass, weed removal, fertilizing, and ant control. Other services include landscape maintenance, planting seasonal flowers, tree trimming, fertilizing, and ant control. Other services include landscape maintenance, planting seasonal flowers, and tree trimming.