Campus Key Control Procedures

Faculty & Staff

Key request for mechanical and proximity credentials must be submitted to the Key Bank.  Please follow the instructions on this webpage and/or forms carefully to ensure that your request is processed without delay.  

Please refer to the Faculty/Staff Key Request form for more information about key assignment. For general information on key/card handling responsibilities and requirements, please see Key/Card Handling Requirements.

Faculty/Staff Key Assignment

The Key Bank is responsible for all mechanical door keys, as well as proximity credential associated with the access control systems on campus.  Access to University facilities via the Northwestern State University OneCard is also handled through the Key Bank.  

Both the State of Louisiana ORM and Northwestern State University procedure strictly prohibits the duplication of any campus keys by anyone other than Universty Locksmith Services personnel.  In addition, loaning keys is prohibited, keys must remain in the possession of the key holder. 

The Physical Plant is also tasked with maintaining a physical and electronic key control log/inventory; inventory is available at the Physical Plant through the Key Bank Manager.      

Additional information regarding key procedures:

Requesting a Key



Key Pick-Up/Delivery

When keys are ready to be transferred to the recipient, the recipient will be notified via email and/or key will be delivered. Keys/credentials will only be issued with a signature authorizing receipt by the person requesting the key/credential.

Upon receipt of the key or credential, the key requestor acknowledges responsibility for the security of the key/credential and the room which it provides access thereto.  Furthermore, the key requestor acknowledges the keys are state property and upon separation or transfer between departments, ALL KEY MUST be returned personally to the Key Bank at the Physical Plant.  Reassignment of keys is prohibited per University key control policy.  Call 318-357-4402, if any questions.  

The Key Bank reserves the right to delay or deny a request if there are any other irregularities or safety concerns relating to the request. Transfering keys is not permitted.  Employees shall not loan or transfer keys to anyone.  The person to whom the key has been issued shall be held responsible for the use of that key until it has properly returned to the Key Bank.  


Who Authorizes My Key

It is necessary to ensure the appropriate academic, administrative, and program staff have reviewed and approved the proposed access for each key.  All approval routes are structured based on room location with a respect to required security level and protection desired for the key system.  There are two ways to determine who will authorize your request; ask your immediate Supervisor or contact the Key Bank.  In either case, correspondence will follow the approval route chain assigned to each key identifier prior to the Key Bank receiving the request.  

Department Heads: The approval routing authorizer list is only updated at the discretion of the respective Department Head; to submit a request to change approval route of a specific key, complete the approval routing authorizer request here.  The Key Bank is not responsible for information on file which may delay your request.  An additional layer of authorization may be required for building master keys and the like.  

If you are interested in learning more about the new process,  please contact 318-357-4402.  

Replacement of Lost or Stolen Keys

Lost or stolen door keys shall be reported to the University Police and appropriate supervisors as soon as the discovery became apparent to ensure that appropriate security measures can be taken.  Request for the replacement of lost or stolen keys must follow this procedure outlined, and MUST also have the University Police incident report incorporated with the request.  Duplicate keys will not be issued to the same employee.  To maintain both the security of the campus and the integrity of the keying system, all locks operable by the lost or stolen key may need to be replaced by Locksmith Services.  Depending on the seriousness of the breach in security to the campus or keying system, expenses may be encumbered upon the assigning department.


Replacement of Broken Keys

Broken or bent keys shall be handled through a routine key request, provided that all portions of the key are available.  If all portions of a broken key cannot be produced then it will be treated as a "lost key". Defective keys must be returned to the Physical Plant before a new key will be issued.  


Returning Keys

All keys are to be returned to the Physical Plant during normal business hours by the assignee when the employee no longer needs the previously assigned keys, transfers to another department with the University, resigns, retires, or otherwise terminates employment with the University.  A receipt will be issued for the return of all keys turned in. Key holders are not relieved of responsibility until the receive this receipt.  


Outside Vendor Assignment

All vendors or contractor requiring access to portions of the University must make arrangements for approved escort through the University Physical Plant via phone at (318) 357-4519.  Staff who need to make arrangments for vendors to have direct access without an escort should consult the Key Bank for further instructions at


Building Unlocking Schedule Adjustment Requests

Please complete the access control schedule adjustment form to schedule your event with the Key Bank, and provide complete detailed information such as department, building, room, and effective changes to include a time to revert back to regularly scheduled times.  If any of your event falls outside of normal operating hours for any building used during your event, adjustments will be made accordingly through the appropriate access control system.  The Key Bank must receive schedule adjustment request at least 3 days in advance of your event.  Last minute requests can only be accommodated based on available Key Bank manpower, we cannot guarantee that your request will be processed in the time for your request, without the 3-day notice.  Adjustments for campus closure, campus-wide civil leave, and state holidays will be administered by the Key Bank; no need for each department to request schedule changes for known closures.  All requests must be made in writing utilizing this form, Key Bank cannot accept requests for schedule changes in person or via phone.  Documentation is required to support schedule changes and deviations from approved times.


Alterations to Campus Locking Systems

All door locks, locking mechanisms or any other means of securing doors must be approved by Locksmith Services. Any lock, lock mechanism or system that is found not to be compliant the University's keying systems or hardware standards will not be serviced by Locksmith Services and/or the Key Bank and are subject to removal with the appropriate authority. Requests for a special door or other locking system are to be made to  Full justification, along with as much information possible describing the proposed system, must be included in the request.  All requests will be reviewed based on security, life safety, and financial considerations.


Parking Access

The Key Bank also has two main responsibilities regarding parking lot access:  Maintaining all of the mechanical and electronic components of the operator, and assigning privileges as directed by the Key Bank personnel. If you are having an issue or trouble with access to a parking access gate on campus, please submit a work request through the Physical Plant using the iService Desk; please include your name and lot with a brief description of the issue noticed in the comments area.  For events that require gate schedule adjustment submit a request to adjust gate opening times.