The Physical Plant Department of Northwestern State University exists to provide high-quality services for the enhancement of student life and learning as well as improvement of the University's overall physical environment.  Our goal is to meet the expectations of our community members on campus and to provide services necessary to maintain and strategically improve the campuses so that students and faculty can pursue activities in a comfortable and attractive environment.  Our promise to the NSU community is that we will assist in any way to enhance activities and the environment while keeping you informed of our progress.  All of the essential actions have to be completed in timely and discreet manner to prevent unnecessary disruptions of normal campus activities. 

For your convenience, several quick references have been provided below.  Feel free to navigate our site to find more useful information about our campus. 

The Physical Plant office hours are 6:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am-12:00pm on Friday. For afterhours emergency service, please call the Central Power Plant at 357-5886.

Online Maintenance Request

For routine service or non-emergency problems, please submit using the online iService Desk Work Order Request

Minor Modification or Renovations to Structures

Construction and renovation projects are preformed or managed, when and where approved by appropriate Physical Plant Staff. For minor construction and renovation projects please submit using iService Desk Project Request 

Custodial Service Request

For routine or additional custodial services, please submit online using Custodial Request